“Diane makes my life with muscle myalgia livable. Usually I get taut-band therapy massages and cupping. Because my muscles spasm all the time (fibromyalgia is present too), I need a massage at least twice a week. Since I can’t afford that, Diane helps me manage with once a week or every 2 weeks. She is also great to be around. She has high integrity. She is positive, caring, concerned, conscientious, meticulous: I can’t say enough about how great she is at her vocation. Wellness therapy truly is a vocation for Diane. She has improved the quality of my life immensely! I recommend her to all.”


“Oh, what a relief! I’ve been to other massage therapists, but have walked away hurting more than before I went in. Diane has a way of relaxing you while working on those sore spots. I have fybromyalgesia and am in pain all the time. My trigger points hurt just to touch them, but when Diane works on them, they seem to release and I’m able to walk away feeling wonderful! Thank you Diane for being such a fantastic massage therapist! I don’t know what I’d do without you!”

-Kathy Frailey

“Hi Diane, Thank you again for working on my neck last night… so much relief!!”


I love the “alternative medicine” aspect of The Wellness Centre! After experiencing severe sharp pains in my side (drop to the floor pain) one summer I finally gave in and went to a traditional doctor. Of course they were not sure what was wrong and sent me straight to get a CT-scan in which they found nothing. After spending hundreds of dollars and no relief I made an appointment at The Wellness Centre, in which it was discovered I had only a pulled muscle. One appointment later I felt 90% better and one more follow-up and I was 100%. My only regret was not seeking this treatment first!”


Quality, Wait Time, Customer Service, Environment – it was a relaxing break in a busy day!


“I had a two hour massage and a 1/2 hour facial. At the end, I felt on top of the world. I’ve written before, but just had to let others know how important The Wellness Center and Diane are to an aching body. Thanking you always!”


The first time I went for therapy with Diane, I knew she could help. I was in severe low back, hip and leg pain. I explained how I had fallen and been plagued with back pain for years. She proposed a course of treatment for me and made suggestions that I followed. After a few sessions I was walking again, which was almost impossible before her treatment. I continued and finally can say that I walk several miles per day. My surgeon who gave me a diagnosis of severe spinal stenosis with pinched nerves at L5 and slipped disk at L4 strongly suggested surgery. I am not ready to undergo the knife and can’t thank Diane enough for her help. She is truly my angel.


“Plain and simple! If I didn’t see Diane every other week, I would have a hard time moving. For the last, I-don’t-know-how-many years, she has been a God send, an angel. Don’t know what I would have done without her. Bless you Diane!”


“I’ve been seeing Diane for several years for massage therapy and I can not recommend her highly enough! She is the perfect mix of warmth and professionalism. She is constantly updating her knowledge of different types of therapy which makes our sessions unique and enlightening. Diane is a strong force of compassion and understanding of the therapy world that makes her the ideal massage therapist. You will not be disappointed. Her results are immediate. Try it out!”

-Kristina Edgerton